Re-designing space through Modular Construction

Nexus design & install affordable, bespoke modular buildings for residential and commercial use.   Our  light gauge steel structures are quicker to build, stronger and greener that traditional methods, offer space saving solutions and simple alternatives that can be implemented across all sectors including housing, healthcare, education etc. - through Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)  

Think Outside the Box

Modern Construction Technology

Nexus uses modern methods of construction (MMC) and 3D BIM technology to design build and deliver smart off-site property solutions whatever your needs.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Properties, just like people comes in all shapes and sizes which is why the Nexus design team will create bespoke modular solutions for your project. 

Lighter Stronger Quicker

Light gauge steel (LGS) is an ideal offsite solution that can be used for structural frames (panel and volumetric) and roofing and infill walling systems.  We use LGS because it is a strong lightweight robust construction material offering both loadbearing and non-loadbearing capabilities which helps reduced foundation requirements and significantly improves design capabilities making it ideal for use in a wide spectrum of property types from housing to commercial, healthcare to leisure applications.  

End to End Service

 From design concept to completion we tailor our services to meet your needs, so whether you are a contractor looking for a structural frame or property owner wanting a fully complete building give us acall and let's see what we can do for you 


Our Directors have over 90 years property & development experience between them