Volumetric Light Gauged Steel Frame (LSF)

Modular Solutions

Why build Offsite ?

Build Quicker -  Build More !

For decades the UK has not built enough new homes -  building offsite is the game changer  

Speed  -  its quicker - time on site can be reduced by up to 70%.

Quality - building in a controlled environment not effected by weather with workmanship checked and monitored against exact specifications. 

Lighter & Stronger - Light Gauge Steel (LGS) sections are just 1.2 - 3.0mm thick yet are lighter and stronger than timber making it ideal for residential and commercial projects. 

Greener - Because LGS is precision cut we produce virtually zero waste; and what we cannot use is recycled.

Building off-site also helps reduce the number of vehicle movements as materials are delivered to a single location where they can be stored in the correct conditions, further reducing waste.

Rooftop development - Its Free Land *

If you are the Freehold owner of a building then usually the "airspace" above belongs to you and it is yours to develop as you wish and because you probably already own it, "its free"!


* Subject to planning and where applicable any rights of existing leaseholders 

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