Modular Solutions

Why build Off Site ?

Build More Homes

For decades the UK has not built enough new homes. 

Building offsite has many benefits 


  Its quicker - time on site can be reduced by up to 70%.


 Modules are built within a controlled environment not effected by weather. Workmanship can be checked and monitored against exact specifications. 

Lighter & Stronger

Light Gauge Steel is both lighter and stronger than timber modular systems making it ideal for residential and commercial projects. 


Building waste is reduced. 

 Cold rolled steel sections are just 1.2 - 3.0mm thick so use a fraction of the steel needed for a traditional steel beam and, because we precision cut sections, we produce virtually zero waste; and what we cannot use is recycled.

Building off-site also helps reduce the number of vehicle movements as materials are delivered to a single location where they can be stored in the correct conditions, further reducing waste.

Airspace - Its Free Development Land *

If you are the Freehold owner of a building then usually the "airspace" above belongs to you and it is yours to develop as you wish and because you probably already own it, "its free"!


* Subject to planning and where applicable any rights of existing leaseholders 

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To find out how building off-site could benefit your project have a look at the ways we can work with you

Affordable Modular Homes

Quick and affordable housing solutions that suit a range of requirements and budgets 

MMC Building Solutions

Speed up onsite construction times using a modular framing system 

Rooftop / Airspace extensions

Add additional value to an existing building through rooftop extensions 

How can we help you ?



With ever greater emphasis on better use of existing land stock coupled with modern methods of construction making development a more viable option,  freeholders are increasingly seeing their portfolios as more than just a ground rent income stream.   

A 2017 research report by Knight Frank identified potential to build 40,000 new "rooftop" homes in Central London alone worth potentially more than £51 billon.  Multiply that across all urban areas the attraction of adding additional accommodation is a compelling one and it is easy to see why! 

At Nexus we understand how through good design and modern off-site construction methods we can help your building  achieve its full potential.    Working  closely with your existing team - Architects - Engineers - Property Managers etc  we guide you through that process.   

If you have a project you would like to discuss then please don't hesitate to call.

Block Management


Nobody likes paying service charges - fact!

Whether residents self-managed or block managing agents are appointed the chances are at some point leaseholders will be faced with unexpected costs such as major works resulting in higher service charge demands

The airspace above a property is usually owned by the Freeholder but not always. This space is a valuable asset that could be used to raise money to re-invest back in to the property.

Even if the airspace is not owned by the residents it may still be worth them speaking to the Freeholders to see if they have ever considered this type of development. By working together everyone can benefit from higher property values to potentially lower service charges.

If you want to know how cooperation benefits Freeholders and Leaseholders alike then please get in touch for more information



A  good property investor know how to make an asset work hard to ensure greater returns / yields and tenant retention rates.  

Asset management and investment will take the value so far but big gains are usually only achievable though development. 

Adding additional accommodation is one way to develop a building and, through the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) such as off-site modular buildings, this can be done with minimal interruption to existing occupiers making it 

a very viable option.

Here at Nexus we use a strong light weight modules which have a  light gauge steel frame (LGSF) at their core making it suitable for use in both commercial and residential projects.   

If you want to know more information as to what we can do, even if you have not yet acquired the property but think you have seen an angle - why not give us a call?

Airspace Developers


If you are a developer or contractor looking for a UK based off-site modular company to design, build and supply modules on your behalf then please get in touch.  

Frame to Turn Key


Tailored to your needs 

  • Structural Steel Frame Only
  • First fix Only
  • Full turn key  

Joint Venture Partners


We are always on the look out for like minded partners to collaborate on a Joint Venture basis.

If you have a project that you think might be of interest - lets talk and see if we cannot make it happen!